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COVID-19 Related Environmental Microbiology Testings

QLAB Helps Your Clients Reopen SAFELY and QUICKLY!
To help your clients reopen safely and QUICKLY, we provide comprehensive quick-TAT microbiological services for samples collected in the indoor environment related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Download our service and price list on this page (Call first before sending samples)
(1) COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) with MultiSWAB™ & UltraSensitive℠ options
     - Phase 1 RNA Detection: RNAScreen℠ qRT-PCR (naked RNA & RNA from broken and intact viruses)
     - Phase 2 Intact Virus Confirmation: IntactVIRUS℠ PMA-qRT-PCR (RNA from intact viruses only)
     - Phase 3 Infectious Virus Confirmation: LiveVIRUS℠ cell culture (Extremely limited availability)
(2) Four human coronaviruses with MultiSWAB™ & UltraSensitive℠ options
     - CoronaFOUR℠ Undifferentiated qRT-PCR (RNA for SARS-CoV-2 and three common cold coronaviruses)
(3) COVID-19 surrogates/biological indicators analyses (viable analysis for bacterial spores, fungi, yeasts, and bacteria phages/viruses)
     - SaniASSURE℠: 1-5 days TAT for surface background bacteria and mold culture analysis
     - tSurrogateDISH™: Up to 99.999% of kill rates verified for selected disinfectants (Geobacillus endospores)
     - nSurrogateDISH™: Up to 99.9 - 99.999% of kill rates verified using AccuSCIENCE FoodGRADE+™ Surrogates
       Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker’s yeast) cells (Surface/Dish)
       Lactobacillus spp. (probiotics bacteria) vegetative cells (Surface/Dish)
     - vSurrogateDISH™: M2 bacteriophages/viruses; Up to 99% of kill rates verified (Surface/Dish)
(4) Legionella bacteria analysis
     - LegiFAST℠: 5-6 days early warning for 97% of positive Legionella-contaminated potable water samples
(5) Mold, microscopic examination (non-viable and viable) analysis of samples (air, surface, dust, and bulk)
     - with Mycologix Hidden Mold Detection (HMD) Technologies

(6) Mold, culture analysis of samples (air, surface, dust, and bulk)
     - with Mycologix Hidden Mold Detection (HMD) Technologies
     - FungiFAST℠: 4-6 days early detection for most indoor fungi
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