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Why QLab                                                            We grow microbes and your business

QLab Provides Unique Selling Propositions (USP) for Your Business
Frustrated with your lab? Can't take it anymore?

- MoldSense Premium HP Spore Count™ 4.0 differentiates over 25 indoor & outdoor airborne spore types to efficiently locate indoor mold sources

- User-friendly MoldSense QGraph™ for airborne mold spores is so easy to read that even a 5th grader can understand it

- Flexible MoldSense Gel-Tape™ with thick adhesive has 8 times higher 
collection depth than household adhesive tapes or plastic adhesive slides

- High efficiency MoldSense Dual-Swab™ has 14 times higher collection 
power than common small-tipped swabs

- Innovative MoldSense Triple-Trap™ has the industry’s best collection
capability, producing a precise triplicate data set for each location

Are you frustrated with lab issues? QLab specializes in microbial analysis for indoor environmental quality assessment. We focus on providing quality analysis with personal attention. We typically help companies that have been frustrated with unsatisfying services from their current microbiology lab on issues such as:

Low-end basic analysis with poor quality results
Inefficient sampling devices
Poor technical support
Report formats not user-friendly
Project delay
Lack of timely personal attention
Encouraging under-qualified people to perform


Swtich to QLab today and say goodbye to those problems!

Sample Reports

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AccuScience Sampling Devices 
Gel-Tape Plus

Triple Gel-Tape Plus
Sweep-Swab MC

Sweep-Swab HC



"QLab has been of immense help to us with all our requirements and requests. Their response is impeccable. Results are always on schedule, and the reports are clear and comprehensive. QLab is always generous with its suggestions, ideas on sampling methods and analysis. In addition, QLab analysis costs are very reasonable. We, at Ambient are very happy with QLab. Thank you, QLab."
Neetha Pisano, MS
Manager, IAQ Operations
Ambient Group, Inc.


"Since we switched to Qlab from a larger, more famous lab, Dr. Tang has become an invaluable resource for our company. He is patient, conscientious, and friendly. He is always willing to discuss our concerns and answer our questions about mycology, microbiology, and analytical methodology. Qlab's service is excellent, always available, and the results delivered on time. Best of all, his methodology for analysis of fungi is the highest quality in the business. It's reproducible, accurate, and precise. We trust the results everytime. His product, Qtape-3 is a gem. We can take quick, easy surface samples and  with it's unique sections get better results than simple tape lifts or even the typical sticky slide. I especially appreciate his unique differentiation analysis for direct exam of fungi. It provides us unambiguous analytical support for interpreting the presence of those otherwise huge and meaningless groups of molds called asp/pen and 
cladosporium. Asp/pen is no longer a meaningless number."
Scott Armour
Armour Applied Science


"If you are not yet using QLab, you really should consider it. Our consulting firm has used several labs, and have never been more pleased."
C.K., Project Scientist


"QLab = Professional Excellence. Simply the best in all categories. All labs should strive to achieve the levels of Professionalism, Credibility, Expertise, Ability and Customer Service that QLab regularly provides."
Chuck Reaney
Alpha Environmental

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