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Pipetting Samples
Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Embryonic Stem Cells


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Why choose QLab? Premium sampling devices, analysis and report format to perfect your technical skills and win over your customers to grow your business!​

Microbiologial Analysis
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About us

QLAB was founded by Dr. Wei Tang, who has over 29 years of experience in prestigious microbiology laboratories. QLab is staffed with a team of experienced microbiologists trained by accomplished Ph.D. microbiologists and Ph.D. mycologists. We are fully committed to providing quality analysis with personal attention to our clients.

Latest News 

QLAB offers comprehensive six different analyses of COVID‐19 virus (SARS-CoV-2), human coronaviruses, and their surrogates for environmental surface and air testing.

June 10, 2020   

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