Mold (Fungi) - Direct Exam, Culture Method, PCR, NGS 

QLAB Provides Your Clients Most Comprehensive Mold Analysis in The Industry
To help your clients reopen safely and QUICKLY, we provide comprehensive quick-TAT microbiological services for samples collected in the indoor environment.
(1) Direct MIcroscopic Examinations
Air Sample - Spore trap
Hidden Mold Detection (HMD) Technology
Tape Sample
IICRC S520 Surface Mold Condition 1-2-3 Determination with Grading
Swab Sample
(2) Culture Methods
(3) EMOR - Culture-based method
Viable fungi index from hundreds of mold/fungi species in household dust
(4) ERMI - PCR method
DNA index from ERMI-panel 36 mold/fungi species PCR in household dust
(5) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Metagenomics of all 459,000 fungal species (ITS DNA sequenced) in dust, bulk, swab, and air
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Microbiologial Analysis
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